Woolen felt bags, purses and accessories
Woolen felt bags, purses, hair accessories and other products are completely made by hands from sheep’s wool found in high mountains in the Northern parts of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. The wools from the sheep, locally known as Bheda, are used for textiles, while the sheep for meat locally. For felt used any wool of 28 micron of length of 3- 5. Wools graded from these sheep of micron 38 and length 4 -7 are used for woolen carpets. Besides these local sources, these wools are imported from Tibet, China and New Zealand. Normally, the wool locally available and imported from Tibet, are washed thoroughly in cold water to remove greasy materials from wool and then dried in the sun. These cleaned or scoured wools will be dyed before producing felt products... read more

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Crochet handicraft products
Crochet was a popular craft work in many parts of the world, but with the changing life style, very few people in the developed world now practice this craft because it demands refined skill, time and patience. In Nepal, there are still a sizable population among women who have not only preserved this craftwork, but also have been striving to attain ever new heights of imagination in this art. Uni-Crafts (P) Ltd. has been promoting Crochet artwork in Nepal since a long time, and it has now come up with a new line of production to decorate your kitchen and housewares. We present you with fine works of crochet on kitchen wares such as Coasters, Dinner Mats, Glass Covers and many others to add elegance to your dinner table... read more


Crochet weaving
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